In an organization (family, company), 80% of problems arise from miscommunication (CEGOS – 2012). In Context&People, we believe in the importance of:

  • knowing our deep personality (my strengths, my negative behaviors under stress)
  • speaking the language of others
  • managing others in the appropriate way



The ability to individualize your communication is the first step to keep a high level of implication, tolerance and performance in a team, in a family or with clients.



Context&People trains managers, freelancers and individuals on communication and management issues. The training is mainly based on the Process Communication Model. This tool corresponds to our philosophy: very pragmatic, easy to use, immediately usable and giving a very deep understanding of your personality.

Your needs

You are :

  • A freelancer / zzp wanting to improve your communication with your clients
  • A company wishing to increase efficiency by relying on management and team cohesion
  • An individual interested in personal development and wishing to communicate more effectively with your partner, children and friends





How we can help you

The topics covered by our training are various :

  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Management
  • Prevention and resolution of conflicts
  • Prevention of stress
  • Recruitment
  • Wellbeing at work
  • Teambuilding





Main used tools

Our training is essentially based on the Process Communication Model. This is a communication model developed by the psychologist Taibi Kahler. It offers tools to explain the problems encountered during a communication, solve them and restore communication. Its purpose is to facilitate exchanges between people in the most common communication situations, especially in business.

More about

Neuro-linguistic programming describes "how the interactions between thought (Neuro) and language (Linguistics) organize the functioning of our body and our behaviors (Programming) and the results we obtain." (Robert Dilts)





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June 3, 10, 17 and 23 (14 hours training)

The Process Communication Model : a tool to individualize your communication





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