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June 3, 10, 17 and 23 - from 9am to 12.30 (14 hours training)

The Process Communication Model : a tool to individualize your communication




The topics covered by our trainings are various :

- Interpersonal relationships
- Management
- Prevention and resolution of conflicts
- Prevention of stress
- Recruitment
- Wellbeing at work
- Teambuilding



Here are some examples of training specifically developed for different organizations.


Better communicate with the process communication model.

  • Use this model to get to know yourself (your perception of the world, your psychological needs, your negative behaviours under stress which can generate conflicts)
  • Identify different personality types


Teambuilding and management

Objectives :

Individualize your communication with other people you work with

Detect the personality type of your co-workers, clients

Analyse and answer to distress signals to maintain a positive communication

Be able to detect the deep motivation of a colleague and feed his (her) psychological needs.



"Individualize your management"


The goal of a manager is to maintain a high level of performance and motivation among all of his employees. The difficulty is that each individual is different with his own language and his own motivations. Some need recognition for their work while for others the quality of interpersonal relationships is the essential need. It can also be the working conditions (possible home office...).


The manager must learn to detect the different needs of people of the team.




- Individualize communication with employees and customers


- Analyze a negative behavior and respond to it to find an effective communication


- Be able to detect the deep motivation of a collaborator and create an action plan to feed it





It takes between 2 and 3 days of training for each of these programs. We are at your disposal to develop training and support that will match your needs and your particular situation.