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Jérémie Fayein

Who am I ?

Twenty years ago I started out as a young Masters graduate working in project management in the sports sector. I quickly progressed there and became a trouble shooter for all kind of conflict situations. I was then recruited into the finance and administrative field of work where I became an effective people manager often consulted by colleagues on areas of conflict resolution.

It was with this in mind, that I decided to use my experience to set up my own business in the field of business and interpersonal communication. I’m a qualified PCM trainer working with companies and individuals (in both French and English).

I work closely with managers, team and individuals on techniques to improve interpersonal relationships, management styles, teambuilding and the recruitment process. Living in Amsterdam since 2006, I am also well acquainted with the cross-cultural issues facing multi cultural teams and internationals in the Netherlands.

With a Masters degree from Paris Dauphine University, I am certified trainer in the Process Communication Model and also use the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) approach.


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